Landscaping today means more than just maintaining your home and lawn. Evolve Home & Garden’s full line of lawn and garden products makes it easy for homeowners and businesses to add elegance, style and functionality to their lawns and gardens with ease.Evolve Home & Garden offers a variety of products that add beauty and creative touches to any outdoor area while adding a distinctive charm and functionality to your property.

General Our competitors won’t admit it, but Evolve Home & Garden is truly the most realistic reproduction product on the market. It looks so natural; we even have a hard time convincing trade show visitors that it’s a manufactured product. Our material simulates the look of real stone while resisting the build up of organic growth. The product is incredibly light yet durable and can withstand most natural exposure to water, heat, cold and sun. Since the color is infused throughout the entire material, Evolve Home & Garden products never need to be touched up or painted if chipped or scratched and is lighter and safer than natural stone.Evolve Home & Garden uses the most realistic, naturalistic composite material available on the market today. Behind the beauty of our product is our commitment to creating ultra-durable, lightweight, maintenance-free products.

Our Products

Extreme Strength and Durability


Decorative products are comprised of a monolithic outer composite polymer in products where weight is the number one priority.Decorative-Structural products are made of outer composite polymer resin bonded to an internal Fiberglass lining—providing a lightweight yet incredibly strongproduct. Both Decorative and Decorative-Structural products prove to work extremely well under freeze-thaw cycles.Our material is so strong it can withstand being power washed up to 2500 psi!

Ultra Light-weight

ultra-light-weightAt 2.7 lbs. per square foot, our product is five times lighter than our competitors’typical GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) products. Not only is our installation a breeze, but lightweight. Evolve Home & Garden material saves costs by reducing the amount of structures needed to support it, the people needed to install it and the type of equipment needed to move it. Evolve Home & Garden specializes in re-creating objects that may otherwise be unavailable to the consumer because of weight and lack of mobility.

Offsite Production

offside-productionLooking for a Custom Water Feature? The versatility of our product combined with our manufacturing techniques allow us the ability to build most projects off-site then re-assemble at a later date, turning onsite time from weeks to days and months to weeks when compared to our competitors. This attribute allows our clients to physically see and approve their project prior to installation.

Realistic Composite Polymer Surface

bear-stump2Made of our patented composite polymer resin, Evolve Home & Garden surface replicates the look of natural materials such as stone and wood down to the finest details. Pulling out these fine details not found on other products allows our material to be very slip resistant. Evolve can reproduce minute natural or architectural features and can be customized to duplicate almost any design, surface or color.

Totally Infused Color

infused-colorSince we infuse organic pigments throughout the composite, Evolve Home & Garden products never need to be touched up or painted if chipped or scratched. The natural color goes entirely through the product compared to our competitors who just color the surface. Our standard colors include Slate Grey, Earth Brown, Red Granite, and Coastal.

UV Stable

UVStableEvolve products are extremely resistant to fading when exposed to UV radiation and never need to be painted.

Thermal Properties

ThermalWhen interacting with material that has been out in heat or direct sunlight for long periods of time it can become extremely hot to the touch. Our material dissipates heat incredibly well, greatly reducing the likelihood of direct contact thermal burns.