Evolve Home and Garden is home to the finest quality garden decoration products. We manufacture naturalistic garden products that enhance the beauty of any home or garden. With our distribution facilities available in different regions across the U.S., such as Virginia, Maryland, Texas, Florida, and District of Columbia, we are able to cater to a wide number of customers enhance the beauty of more number of homes.

Beautify Your Backyard in Your Virginia Home!

At Evolve Home and Garden, we strive to offer top quality products to our customers to ensure they are happy and satisfied. All of our products, such as sculpted stone benches, stone benches, garden rocks, boulders for landscaping, and rock water fountains are made entirely in the U.S.

These garden design accessories are manufactured with great care and technique. All products are lightweight, durable, and are given the test of different temperatures. They are carefully handcrafted to offer unique design elements for your garden. They are resistant to heat, cold, water, and other kinds of weather conditions as well.  Our products are very low maintenance as they don’t require any upkeep that will be heavy on your pocket. All Evolve Home and Garden products are made from realistic and naturalistic composite materials that are light, durable, and low maintenance.

Add Garden Design Accessories to Playgrounds or Parks!

Evolve Home and Garden products are durable, lightweight and require little to no maintenance in the long run. Whether it’s a park, playground or museum, you can trust our products to up the beauty of your facility. Our customized creations are perfect for themed playgrounds that offer a variety of opportunities for play and relaxation to kids and families.

Our lightweight products are a breeze to install at any location! The lightweight products allow us to transport these to our customers anywhere in the country. Transportation, delivery, and installation take no time at all because our products are so easy to assemble and quick to set up, which help save you time and effort.

Moreover, all of our products are replicas of natural products, but better in terms of durability, maintenance, and cost. We believe in providing you with the finest products that offer you the best value for the money, you won’t have to compromise on the quality of your garden or playground.

Get in Touch with Us to Beautify Your Home and Garden!

Do you want to create a beautiful and naturalistic sanctuary in your backyard that is low maintenance and adds mesmerizing beauty to your property? Then check our garden design elements that will suit your needs and budget. Get in touch with our distributors here in Virginia and we’ll be glad to discuss your requirements and suggest you the right products that will uplift your garden! Call us today at 703-570-5700 for more information or email us at We guarantee you will be pleased with our products and enjoy being in your backyard-turned-sanctuary for a long time!