Evolve Home and Garden offers unique products that are of unmatched quality. Our naturalistic products offer significant advantages for homeowners, landscapers, and garden decorators alike. If you are looking for high quality and durable garden design ornaments, our distribution facilities are located in Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Florida, and District of Columbia to better serve our customers in different regions of the U.S.

Evolve Home and Garden offer a wide variety of naturalistic products including garden rocks and boulders, boulders for landscaping, stone garden planters, sculpted garden furniture, and other garden design elements that beautify your home or garden and enhance the value of your property.

All our products are manufactured with top quality composite materials to ensure durability, longevity and low maintenance costs to users. We create products using smart technologies and top quality materials while ensuring they look and feel natural. All products are lightweight and resistant to exposure to heat, water, and sun. It makes installation easy as we do not require extensive manpower to move these garden ornaments. The lightweight products also allow our team to transport and deliver them to your doorstep with ease and in no time.

Variety of Garden Design Elements for Your Garden

Evolve Home and Garden offers top quality garden products that beautify your garden and turn it into a sanctuary for you and your family. It can be the perfect hangout place for you where you can unwind and relax after a long day.

Our products are low maintenance, as they don’t get spoiled as a result of exposure to different stimuli in the environment like heat, light, water, etc. This allows homeowners to enjoy the beautifully decorated garden without worrying about regular maintenance which can be a hassle in the long run. Let Evolve Home and Garden take away all your garden maintenance worries, decorate your garden with beautiful naturalistic products and create a haven for you on your property!

Best Garden Design Elements for Commercial Facilities

Evolve Home and Garden products are not only the best for your backyard, but for your commercial facilities too! Whether it’s a playground, museum, park, or an outdoor entertainment area, these natural formations like rock water fountains, garden rocks and stone garden planters, etc. enhance the beauty of any location.

Evolve Home and Garden offers the best garden products that are safe, convenient, and durable. We make sure with our products you can turn your garden into a beautiful sanctuary, a safe haven. Call us today at 703-570-5700 or email us at info@evolvehg.com for more information. We guarantee you a beautiful yard!