Evolve Home and Garden manufactures the finest quality naturalistic products for your home and garden. We are located in Maryland along with several other states, spreading across the country, to provide each of our customers the best garden products for their home.

Our unmatched quality products and creative designs will enhance the beauty of your backyard or any garden set up. Our products can be customized to match your needs, whether you want garden sculptures, stone benches, or rock water fountains. Each product can be customized to match your individual requirements.

Garden Landscaping Products for Your Home in Maryland!

At Evolve Home and Garden, we understand the landscaping needs of our customers. Landscaping requires a lot of time and is high maintenance, which leaves most homeowners reluctant to decorate their backyard or garden. With our low maintenance and easy to install products, businesses, and homeowners can now create breathtakingly beautiful backyards in no time. Even if you have a busy schedule you can create a sanctuary that offers tranquility, peace, and beauty to soothe your mood.

Garden Landscaping Products for Your Business Facility

Our distribution facility in Maryland offers a huge variety of garden decorating products that you can customize according to your needs and taste. Our products are perfect for museums, parks, outdoor entertainment areas, playgrounds, etc.

If you’re planning to set up a custom playground or park for your community then garden benches, fountains, sculpted stone benches, planters, and other such decorative items can bring life to it. We offer a vast variety of these decorative products.

Our products look naturalistic, beautiful, and are lightweight. They are well treated so exposure to water, heat, or sun doesn’t have a negative impact on the quality of the products. Our garden landscaping products include stone benches, landscape boulders, garden boulders, garden rocks, and rock water fountains for backyards on your property. Try us and you won’t be disappointed!

Need Landscaping Boulders or Garden Design Accessory?

Whether you want to add some garden art to your backyard or a business facility, we’ll be glad to help you! Call us today at 703-570-5700 for more information or email us at We’re certain you will be happy to do business with us!