District of Columbia

Evolve Home and Garden is the manufacturer of premium naturalistic garden landscaping products. We serve the entire U.S with distribution facilities across the states of District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and Texas. Each of our products are manufactured in the U.S using top quality composite material and the latest technologies while instilling a natural touch to it.

Since inception, we’ve grown as a team and have introduced many garden design accessories including sculpted garden furniture, boulders for landscaping, garden rocks, sculpted stone benches, and stone garden planters. With such a large variety of garden products, we’re able to cater to a wide variety of customers including individual homeowners, architects, and business owners.

Why Our Distributors Enjoy Working with Us in District of Columbia?

Our distributors are our valuable assets as they act as our representative to the customer. We provide our distributors with extensive training and knowledge about the product and how to install it. This enables our distributors to become strong and independent, thus helping us provide more effective and efficient services to our customers across the country.

We provide top quality garden design elements that beautify your garden and offer you our lightweight naturalistic products that can survive exposure to heat, water, and sun. These amazing properties of our range of products provide ease of use and maintenance to homeowners, architects, and business owners.

Evolve Home and Garden Makes Your Backyard Beautiful!

Need to revamp your backyard? Too busy to find time to landscape and take care of your garden? Let Evolve Home and Garden help you find the perfect garden design elements! We have beautiful landscaping boulders for sale as well as concrete stone benches and many other products. Are you interested in becoming a distributor? Would you like to buy our products? Get in touch with us today at 703-570-5700 or email us at info@evolvehg.com for more information.  We guarantee complete satisfaction!