4 Landscaping Tips That Will Inspire You

4 Landscaping Tips That Will Inspire You

Some architects believe that landscaping is the thing that makes your house a home. Landscaped gardens have an overwhelming effect on potential buyers for homes. The exciting thing is that you can actually create a beautiful green garden decorated with flowers and own it yourself. Real estate experts vouch for the fact that a well-designed […]

Beautiful Water Features from Texas for Your Home and Garden

Waterside Fall

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cup of tea by a waterfall? Nature lovers enjoy that everywhere. It is difficult to make them out of actual rocks and stones in a garden or inside the house, so custom made boulders are a great choice. They can be fashioned into the shape, texture, and color of your […]

Plants in the Stone – Flowers that Love Stone Garden Planters


Summer’s here and it’s an ideal time to start planting some beautiful annuals or perennials to liven up your garden. Although, they’re low in maintenance, and are pocket-friendly, these plants bring out the character, vivaciousness and beauty of your garden. The summer sun, warm winds and cool evenings are just what some flowers need to […]

For the Love of Landscaping – Creating a Garden Bursting With Art, and Other Design Elements in DC


If you have a backyard that’s boring, uninviting or a perfect example of an eyesore, we’ve got some good news for you. It’s not impossible to transform an overgrown or ugly yard into a beautiful one. With some landscaping tricks, a boring backyard can turn into a lovely outdoor living space that works as a […]

Revamp Your Garden Landscape – What and Where Will Your Garden Grow?


The thought of revamping your backyard can be nerve-wracking, especially if your backyard is in shambles and full of overgrown grass and shrubs. The idea of clearing away the mess is in itself is exhausting for some homeowners. However, with little effort, and smart planning, you can totally transform your backyard into a haven for […]