Beautiful Water Features from Texas for Your Home and Garden

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cup of tea by a waterfall? Nature lovers enjoy that everywhere. It is difficult to make them out of actual rocks and stones in a garden or inside the house, so custom made boulders are a great choice. They can be fashioned into the shape, texture, and color of your choice to look like a different type of rock composition.

Boulders for landscaping in Texas and elsewhere are customizable and molded into beautiful designs for waterfalls and custom water features. They are easy to install, provide spectacular visual effects in your garden, and are highly functional. There are many designs which landscape artists can use when creating waterfalls for a client, here are a few to get your creative juices flowing.

Grist Mill Fountains

In the olden days, grist mills were used to hand grind grain to produce flour. With modern customization and technology, we are able to create stunning grist mill design fountains that will add a nostalgic feel to any garden. They are light, simple to install and use, and add great character to a home garden.

Waterside Falls

If there is a swimming pool or a small pond in a garden, you might want to consider a waterside fall. Landscaping boulders formed as a waterfall look wonderful. Attach a filtration system in the mechanism and they can work to clean the water as it runs.

Stackable Cascade Basins

Stackable cascade basins is another fantastic idea. Boulders for landscaping in Texas and other places are shaped as cascades for both indoor and outdoor waterfalls. They can be made in varying number of basins set one upon another to create different effects. You can also use them in different separate colors to have a faded appearance from top to bottom.

Bendy Streams

If you have a large enough space in your garden, you can create a stream with a few bends here and there, and use landscaping boulders on the border. It is a highly aesthetically appealing design that can be enhanced with native flora planted around it. You have provided them with a stead water supply and soon you’ll see birds flying around your garden.

Mighty Waterfalls

This might be tricky if you’re landscaping a city garden, but totally works in Texan countryside. Use large boulders to create a huge and mighty waterfall, complement it with plentiful trees, plants and flowers around it. It will give the appearance of an actual waterfall in your garden.

Customizable Water Features

There is no limit to the ways you can use boulders and rocks to design a waterfall or a water feature in a home or garden. You can design water taps that sprout out of a small boulder and place it atop a bath tub. You can create a rocky effect in the shower area with a cascade on top to make people feel as if they’re showering under a waterfall. That’s the best thing about landscaping boulders – they can be customized into anything you can creatively imagine.