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Welcome to Evolve Home & Garden, the premier manufacturer of naturalistic home and garden products. Through our combination of unrivaled materials and imaginative design, Evolve Home & Garden crafts pieces that are simply unmatched. We create works that are natural reproductions rather than simply nature inspired.

Developed nearly 15 years ago, our patented material is truly the next evolution in landscaping. Our passion is to create products offering the ease and weight of plastic, the durability of concrete and an unbelievably natural appearance. By combining these attributes we have created the new standard.

Behind the beauty of Evolve Home & Garden is our commitment to creating cost-effective, safe and long-lasting products for any home, garden or corporate landscape. Ultra-durable, lightweight, maintenance-free and incredibly realistic, Evolve Home & Garden products are the right choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

Our goal is to give clients the opportunity to enhance their outdoor settings with products that are easy to install, maintenance free, and aesthetically unrivaled.


Planters and Benches

Enjoy the sights and sounds of your garden or home from this wonderful line of handcrafted natural benches and planters. You’ve put in long hours designing, growing and maintaining your home and garden. Why not have places to display and enjoy your creation?

Garden Rocks

Our Garden Rocks offer homeowners, contractors, and architects the ability to add a distinctive touch to their landscape while enhancing the look and functionality of their property or project. Evolve Garden Rocks are ultra lightweight, durable, and have the unparalleled appearance and texture of natural rock.

Landscape Boulders

Boulders make visually stunning landscape features in any residential or commercial setting. These eye-catching and powerful pieces can make any landscape take on a life of its own while blending naturally into its environment while allowing purposeful use and design flexibility.

Design Elements and Cover Ups

Design Elements are about making our time outdoors more visually appealing and inviting. Over the past decade, home enhancement has moved outside making the outdoors a comfortable, inviting space. Design Elements provide those “little things” that can make a huge difference in the enjoyment of your outdoor escape.

Water Features

Nothing soothes the mind and soul like water – one of nature’s true gifts. Bring the comfort and relaxation of walking next to a river or ocean into your own outdoor space with Evolve Home & Garden Water Falls and Custom Water Features.


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